If fabric could embody the spirit of its maker, it would be Verdugo. 

Meet Lourdes Verdugo, the sweetest, the softest, the most natural human being, and the founder of Verdugo Clothing.

Lourdes Verdugo
Lourdes Verdugo

Made with ecological and sustainable fabrics, Lourdes created Verdugo based on the philosophy that it's about quality vs. quantity. 100% made in Barcelona and with ecological production, Verdugo is based on preserving our environment and is made to last. 

No matter how you live, there's a line to fit your lifestyle -- and they're beautifully named to capture your essence, Wabi-sabi, Desert Point, Off the Grid, Asanas, Boast, Swell, and Ama.

The pieces unify beauty, aesthetic, usability, comfort and timelessness through pure, lineal and minimalist's designs.

Verdugo, a lifestyle, an attitude.